This is the wool classing stencil for Stephanie Evans at Mercunda.


The stencil recognises Steph as a Registered Owner Woolclasser (OC), enbling her to class wool on her own farm. 


Since moving to the Mallee region of South Australia in the 1980s Steph has been heavily involved in farming activities including stone rolling, harrowing, ploughing, fencing, shearing and seeding.  As an Owner Woolclasser (OC) Steph was able to commence classing in the wool shed at Mercunda, the first woman to do so.

About her wool classing stencil Steph says:

I was asked to train for my woolclasser stencil by my father in law around 1985, to take on the job in the family shearing shed. I qualified after training through TAFE and have been classing our wool ever since. I am very proud of my stencil and in my first year I got a congratulatory letter praising my classing skills.


The stencil is significant as Steph was first female wool classer in the shearing shed at Mercunda.  The stencil enabled Steph to participate in another important aspect of the work of her farm.

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Catherine Manning says:

Thanks for sharing your memories Jeff. The shearers' cook makes all the difference!

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Jeff Hollywood says:

Good onya Steph, I trained at Marleston School of Wool, back in 1974. Worked for Stockowners, mainly in sheds like Wilgena, Wertaloona, North Well, Ashmore, Corunna etc. 12 stands and less as happens. Carriewerloo was my fave though! Gun shearers / beautiful cook - Carol Pitman, beut' expert called Luke Doecke.... Kapunda boy and just the best time in my life through my teen years - I can't shake it loose now, as I am now 63. I have a love of the smell of the board, the sound of the overhead gear / diesel motor choofing, and the handpieces firing up and off.... as they do. PRICELESS UPBRINGING.

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