Bottle jack in regular use at Mercunda farm.


This bottle jack has been used for many years by Stephanie Evans on her Mercunda farm.  Steph began farming in the Mallee region of South Australia in the mid 1980s and over the years she has accumulated some key farming tools that she uses regularly.


This bottle jack is an everyday item esential to Steph's work on her farm.  About the jack Steph says:

I purchased this item in the late 1980’s for only a couple of dollars. I needed something to rest the trailer on when I had finished cutting up stumps, out in the paddock, loading up the trailer, then taking it home to unload near the house. I also used it for taking rubbish to the dump and transporting feed troughing around the farm as needed.
The other jacks were being used for full time jobs around the farm for all kinds of purposes and I needed my own jack for my stump trailer hitch to lean on when it wasn’t in use. I’m still using it and sometimes my husband borrows it too.


Weathered metal hand operated bottle jack.

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