This entry was written by children for children as part of the 'Touchstones Tour' created by students from the South Australian School for Vision Impaired. For a more detailed history, please see the related entries.

Our next fountain is outside the Art Gallery of South Australia. 

The Art Gallery of South Australia is one of several major cultural institutions that line North Terace between Kintore Avenue and Frome Road. Its fine classical building, with colonnaded portico, opened in 1900. The Gallery houses a large collection of some 38,000 works, with a focus on Australian art, Aboriginal art, British art and Asian art, textiles and ceramics. 

What can you:

  • Feel?
  • Hear? 
  • Smell?

The Art Gallery can be very cool because of all of the historical paintings and statues. It has so many things to look at. You can get there by car, bus and a lot of people go there and I think you will like it. It is next to the Museum on North Terrace. Go east from the train station. - Adeline

For more information about the history of the Art Gallery of South Australia, click here!

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