This entry was written by children for children as part of the 'Touchstones Tour' created by students from the South Australian School for Vision Impaired. For a more detailed history, please see the related entries.

This fountain is called Bill’s Fountain. Can you find the plaque?

This fountain is a memorial to William Faulding Scammell, AO, CBE. William Scammell was Chancellor of Adelaide University from 1991 to 1998, when he retired. This fountain was commissioned upon his death in 2001.

What can you:

  • Feel?
  • Hear? 
  • Smell?

Tavian would like you to find the talking statue and listen to it. Dr John Dowie was a sculptor, painter and teacher and he is talking about his work.

Kane likes the way the library looks and Makayla would encourage you to go inside the Mortlock Wing because it is really interesting. It is a very old building.

Ethan's significant thing for the North Terrace history trail is the Mortlock Wing Library.

The thing that makes the Mortlock Wing Library so special is that it is a quiet place to read books and do research. It is so important to South Australia because it is a big calm quiet space to relax, read books and to explore you can also research there. The Mortlock Wing library is located at North Terrace and Kintore Avenue. To get to the Mortlock library from the Adelaide railway station it takes only seven minutes walking. - Ethan

To find out more about the history of the State Library of South Australia, click here!

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