This entry was written by children for children as part of the 'Touchstones Tour' created by students from the South Australian School for Vision Impaired. For a more detailed history, please see the related entries.

14 Pieces is a sculpture fountain based on the opalised fossilised vertebrae of the Ichthyosaur in the South Australian Museum. 

What can you:

  • Feel? 
  • Hear? 
  • Smell?

Tavian describes this fountain as the ‘vertebrae fountain’. Can you think why?

Nevaeh found this fountain interesting because ‘instead of the water pouring in it pours out.’

Alex would like you to visit the Museum because he was ‘very, very, very happy’ there and Makayla thought it was fun. Shianne enjoyed discovering what a storm was like when she visited and there are lots of different things to hear and touch.

The SA Museum is full of Australian history. Parts of the museum show Aboriginal culture and how they survived in the bush. Another part is what the British discovered here in Australia, such as: insects, birds, mammals, marsupials, arachnids and more. There is also a part that has a model of a giant squid. This model stretches through an elevator shaft and once you’re at the top of the shaft you can stand on some glass above the squid’s and take photos head. It’s creepy. If I were a tourist and wanted to learn about Australia , I’d go to the SA Museum. You might go in thinking “I know everything about Australia,” but come out thinking “I didn’t know that.” - Zac

To find out more about the history of the South Australian Museum, click here!

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