Jane Peacock was the Lady Mayoress of the City of Adelaide (sister-in-law to the Mayor) from 1875-1877. 

Early Life and Career 

Jane Kerr Peacock nee Garie was the youngest daughter of James Garie who emigrated to Australia c.1853 with his wife and five children aboard the ship “Caroline” from Perth, Scotland and resided in Victoria for a while before coming to South Australia. Her father was a missionary who worked at the Adelaide City Mission.

She married aged 21 years, Ebenezer Peacock, aged 28 years at Gawler Town on 11 June 1863 . He died five years later on the 27 April 1868 at Gawler Town, aged 34 years . They had three children; Helen Maria born 17 May 1865, William Garie who died aged four months at 25 July 1867 and Francis Henry born 2 May 1868 .


Jane was the widowed Sister-In-Law of the Mayor of Adelaide, Caleb Peacock. As the Mayor was a bachelor, she took on the duties usually associated with the Mayoress.

Personal Note 

She died aged 90 years at Kent Town on the 28 May 1932 . Ebenezer Place in Central Adelaide is named in honour of her husband.

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