A pannikin (metal drinking vessel), believed to have been used by William Keckwick.


This pannikin would have been part of the standard issue of supplies and equipment to all members of John McDouall Stuart's party on the 1861-62 expedition. It is believed to have been used by William Keckwick, who acted as Second-in-Command on the expedition across Australia, from Adelaide to Chamber's Bay. It was originally donated to the Art Gallery of South Australia's Historical Relics Collection by Mr F.S. Ward before being transferred to the History Trust. 


William Keckwick's role as Second-in-Command gave him considerable responsibility in Stuart's expedition party. The party faced many difficulties as they journeyed through the interior trying to navigate to sources of fresh water. Stuart himself fell ill and was carried on a litter for much of the journey back, leaving Keckwick in charge of the party. This pannikin is material evidence of the kinds of conditions the expedition party members experienced, particularly in the use of simple, light equipment and utensils for eating and drinking.


A metal drinking vessel, slightly smaller at the top than the bottom. It had a curved handle affixed at the top to the wire rim of the pannikin, allowing movement. A piece of metal is rivetted to the base of the pannikin - possibly it had a ring attachment for hanging up. A V impression is on the upper part of the handle.

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