This entry was written by children for children as part of the 'Touchstones Tour' created by students from the South Australian School for Vision Impaired. For a more detailed history, please see the related entries.

This fountain is at the back of the War Memorial at the corner of Kintore Avenue and North Terrace. Premier Archibald Peake asked the South Australian Parliament to fund a memorial to those who had served in World War I and to their hard-won victory. In March 1919 his motion won the unanimous support of parliament. South Australia became the first state in Australia to build a memorial for the First World War.

What can you:

  • Hear?
  • Smell?
  • Feel?

When SASVI visited, Nevaeh noticed that if you bob down beside the fountain you can't hear the water running any more.

The South Australian war Memorial is located on North Terrace down the road a couple a meters from the train station. The War Memorial shows who fought for our country and to commemorate them because if they didn't we wouldn't be here right now. When you go there to remember the soldiers please pay respect and thank them for what they did for our country. - Seth

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