The mural primarily concentrates on environmental sustainability, or 'greening'. Artists Tony Rosella and Ash Rundle were inspired by illustrative books on the native flora and fauna of South Australia. They subsequently examined how to demonstrate sustainability by using native plants, namely Kangaroo grass and Gum tree flowers. Other features of the mural are quotes and an Aboriginal waterhole symbol.

Because of the dominance of the gridded wall, meant to serve as a canvas, the artists enlarged the Kangaroo grass by using anodised aluminum. Its metallic quality serves to balance the strength of the gridded wall by reflecting light during the day and at night. Tony Rosella and Ash Rundle intended for the Kangaroo grass to represent the importance of native vegetation. The mural also features less imposing elements, like outlines of native plants. The text quotes, from early 1800s Adelaide, add a historic aspect to the environmental design, while the Aboriginal waterhole symbol references the rich history of  Aboriginal culture.

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'Bent Street Mural Project', East End Adelaide, Autumn-Winter 2015, p. 3