Jane Hall was the Lady Mayoress of the City of Adelaide (married to the Mayor) from 1854-1855.

Jane Hall was Mayoress during her husband Joseph Hall’s term as Mayor of Adelaide from 1854-55. In the 1841 census they are listed as living at 41 Kermode Street, North Adelaide. They were likely to have arrived in the colony in October 1839 aboard the Dumfries from London. Her husband was a broker in the Waterhouse Chambers on the corner of Rundle and King William Streets, Adelaide. She left for London with her daughter aboard the barque Irene in January 1857. Her husband died nine weeks later after falling from a house balcony in North Adelaide, aged 51. He was suffering from delirium tremens and there was an inquest held at the Hotel to determine whether his death was an accident or suicide. He is buried at West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide.

Not much is known of the fate of Mrs Jane Hall.

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The birth name of Youd for Jane Hall is wrong. We no nothing of her early or later life. A bit of a mystery women at the moment.
Regards Steven Page.

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Thanks Steven,
I'll check where that's come from.

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