The Migration Museum works towards the preservation, understanding and enjoyment of South Australia’s diverse cultures. It is a place to discover the many identities of the people of South Australia through the stories of individuals and communities.

  1. Coat and Dress

    A beautiful 1960s evening ensemble in blue. 

    Collection Item

  2. Embroidery

    Chinese embroidery on paper, designed to be purchased and transferred to clothing. 

    Collection Item

  3. Knitting Booklet

    A 24 page knitting booklet with instructions for children knitting for soldiers in the Second World War.

    Collection Item

  4. Picture Puzzle Blocks

    Picture blocks were a forerunner of the jigsaw puzzle. 

    Collection Item | late nineteenth century

  5. Teapot

    This teapot, painted with colourful  images of dragons and birds, was part of a tea set for sale at the China Gift Store.

    Collection Item