My father was working for the Public Buildings Department at the time and worked on the museum as a leading hand. My father enjoyed the challenge and said it was the most ambitious project he had worked on. He was especially proud of the renovation of the original chamber and the restored speaker’s chair from the first parliament in 1855. My son Michael had his photo taken with my father, at the opening, sitting on the speaker’s chair. I have a photocopy of the original picture. It was a memory I will cherish.

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Catherine Manning says:

Hi Brian,
I believe we have some photos in the History Trust archives. Would you like to contribute a piece on the Constitutional Museum?

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Brian Reader says:

Having been involved with two of the m useum's exhibitions (researching and making costume s) also taking part in the official opening (acting as 19th c. State Governor) I would like to a history of the museum on this site with photo s of opening and exhibition s

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