Cardboard box decorated with colourful pictures of rockets labelled 'jet plane'.


Remnants of fireworks left behind in the Gordon Sym Choon store in Union Street, stocked prior to 1974 when general public sale of fireworks in South Australia was banned. 

The fireworks were part of stock which was ordered for Gordon Sym Choon’s store in Union St, Adelaide (at the rear of Gladys Sym Choon’s store at 237 A Rundle St) in the 1970s. These were left behind when the store was closed.

The packaging and rocket ends were donated to the Migration Museum by Robert Sym Choon.


Packaging and remnants are representative of those sold in Gordon Sym Choon’s shop. Gordon was a prominent businessman from a well-known Adelaide family in the early 20th century.

Detailed Description 

White cardboard box held together with staples. The top flap folds open and shows signs of sticky tape previously used to hold the box closed. The top flap, or front face, of the box has a printed picture pasted onto the card. The picture shows a blue background depicting outer-space with two stylised red rockets flying through the stars and planets, with a more detailed depiction of a white rocket in the bottom right hand corner. At the base of the picture is the text 'JET PLANE' in red letters. Below the picture is printed:

Do not use this in congested areas and avoid crowds. To be held at arms length and fired pointing upwards on each piece.


With the box is a firework tail made from a paper rocket shape attached to a paper stick from which the explosive has been removed. There is also a spare paper identical to the one used in the firework tail. 

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