A small bronze urn that was carried in Queen Adelaide's funeral procession.


Known as the ‘Tijou Urn’ this object was one of three bronze urns carried in the funeral procession of Queen Adelaide, widow of King William IV. It was made by Henry Tijou, a direct descendant of Jean Tijou, a famous Huguenot ironworker living in London in the 18th century. It has been handed down through generations of the Tijou family, and was bequeathed to the South Australian Government by Olive Kielty, one of the last direct descendants.


This urn relates directly to Queen Adelaide, after whom the city of Adelaide was named, and is a significant contribution to the colonial history of the State of South Australia. It compliments the funeral directions written by Queen Adelaide herself which are held by the State Library of South Australia, and the other personal items in the Queen Adelaide Collection held by History SA.


A small bronze urn shaped into a hellenic styled vase. It has two handles decorated with floral motifs. The upper rim, bottom rim and centre of the vase are embossed and the bowl of the vase is fluted. It is mounted on a square base with four feet, also decorated with floral motifs.  

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