A well-worn teddy who's not afraid to show the stuff he's made of. 


Used as a prop in the Jubilee 150 'Those were the Days' Exhibition at John Martin's store, Adelaide, 1986. Little is known about this teddy's history prior to that, though judging by his appearance he was well loved. The materials and details suggest German manufacture pre First World War, probably c.1910-1920s. 


A well worn treasure this teddy is an example of the type of teddy bear played with by children since the early twentieth century. 


Teddy bear. Faded beige colour. Patched and repair stitched to all parts of body and repaired with various materials. One black eye - semi-circular 'boot button'. Arms, head and legs hinged together by two metal discs. Head originally in one piece. Legs and arms also one piece and body in four pieces. Mohair plush 'fur' is worn in large patches, stuffing is wood wool. 

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