Antonio Giordano's Il Globo press pass, dated 1959.


Antonio Giordano's career as a journalist in Australia spanned from the late 1930s to the 1970s. He wrote for a number of Italian-language newspapers including Il Globo, a newspaper that continues to publish to this day. He used this pass to gain access to a variety of events which he then reported on. 


Following the Second World War, with an increase in the number of Italian migrants coming to Australia, the Italian-language press became an important way for Italian migrants to gain access to news and current affairs, particularly pertaining to the Italian community in Australia and events in Italy. As a journalist, Antonio Giordano was also involved in this process and became an influential voice in the Australian press as well, frequently writing letters for many newspaper editorial pages.


White card printed in black. Press pass for Il Globo and Italian Newsweekly of Melbourne. Issued to Italian-born Mr A Giordano, correspondent for Adelaide and has his photograph inside.

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