Cream can given as wedding present in the 1960s.


Helen Weckert farmed for many years with her husband Bruce at Brinkworth.  About the cream can pictured Helen says:

‘Returning from our honeymoon in 1966, Bruce and I were warmly welcomed to our home on the farm by his family with a scrumptious lunch prepared with all the extras that go with a hearty farm meal.  Never the less, what a surprise to come!  It was after lunch that my dear mother in law happily handed over 4 cream cans.  Unbelievable, they were all nice and shiny inscribed with my name on the brass plate attached to the top of the lid.   Wow, I thought how considerate of her to have all of this prepared for me - to have my name to replace her name on the lid.  Oh, it sure did suddenly sink in – I was the new wife on the farm to work together with my husband and to commence with the milking of cows and the sale of the cream.  This was the beginning of our team work.’

Take a closer look at the top of the can – to the right you can see an area where Helen’s mother in law's name plate used to be.


This is one of four cream cans that Helen was given following her marriage in 1966.  They were a clear signal that Helen was to be a farmer.  They have been well used and retained by Helen as a reminder of her days living, working and raising a family on the farm.  The can is also significant for its pre-1966 women's farming history, having previously been owned and used by Helen's mother in law.


Metal cream can with a brass name plate attached in the centre top of the lid.  The inscription on the plate reads H P Weckert BWorth.

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