1. Isla Shilton driving the tractor

    Isla Shilton driving the farm tractor.

    Collection Item

  2. Isla Shilton's OAM insignia

    Isla Shilton's OAM insignia set

    Collection Item

  3. Jerked Meat

    This sample of jerky came from the successful expedition made by John McDouall Stuart across Australia from south to north in 1861 - 1862. 

    Collection Item | 1860s

  4. Kerosene Lantern

    This kerosene lantern gave the only light on Steph's farm.

    Collection Item | 1980s

  5. Knitting Booklet

    A 24 page knitting booklet with instructions for children knitting for soldiers in the Second World War.

    Collection Item

  6. Medal

    Honorary medal awarded to Antonio Giordano by the World Federation of Italian Press Abroad.

    Collection Item | 1970s

  7. Media Pass

    Antonio Giordano's Il Globo press pass, dated 1959.

    Collection Item

  8. Miniature Furniture Set

    Miniature furniture brought across the seas for Australian children. 

    Collection Item | 1900-1910

  9. Miss Tilbrook's WAB Certificate

    This certificate was given to Miss Tilbrook in 1963 by the Clare branch of the Women's Agricultural Bureau (WAB) of South Australia.

    Collection Item | 1960s

  10. Paint Box

    This paint box is believed to have belonged to soldier, public servant and explorer, Captain Charles Sturt.

    Collection Item | 1800-1810, 1830s, 1840s

  11. Pannikin

    Pannikin used by William Keckwick on expedition with John McDouall Stuart.

    Collection Item | 1860s

  12. Passport

    Antonio Giordano's Italian passport, issued in 1939.

    Collection Item

  13. Picture Puzzle Blocks

    Picture blocks were a forerunner of the jigsaw puzzle. 

    Collection Item | late nineteenth century

  14. Piece of Brick

    Baked clay brick found on Kangaroo Island. 

    Collection Item

  15. Poeppel's Corner Post

    Wooden post used to mark the point where the boundaries of South Australia the Northern Territory and Queensland meet.

    Collection Item | 1870s, 1880s

  16. Port Adelaide Regatta Trophy


    Heavy grey pewter mug with glass base and elaborate handle, trophy for Port Adelaide Regatta, 1866.

    Collection Item

  17. Smoking Cap

    Smoking cap owned and worn by John McDouall Stuart.

    Collection Item | 1850s

  18. Stanhope Press

    The Stanhope press brought to Holdfast Bay in 1836 was used to print the Proclamation of South Australia. 

    Collection Item | 1830s

  19. Teapot

    This teapot, painted with colourful  images of dragons and birds, was part of a tea set for sale at the China Gift Store.

    Collection Item

  20. Teddy Bear

    A well-worn teddy who's not afraid to show the stuff he's made of. 

    Collection Item | 1910s, 1920s

  21. Toy Boat

    Model - Speed Boat with Motor.

    Collection Item | 1920s

  22. Toy Train

    A collectable toy with a moving story.

    Collection Item | mid twentieth century

  23. Tricycle

    Tricycle, painted red and white.

    Collection Item | 1950s

  24. Urn

    Urn made by Henry Tijou and carried in Queen Adelaide's funeral procession. 

    Collection Item | North Terrace | 1840s

  25. Violet Verses

    The publication 'Violet Verses' was released on 29 June in 1917 as part of the third Adelaide Violet Day, organised by the Cheer-Up society as a fundraiser for the war effort. 

    Collection Item | 1910s

  26. WAB, ACWW and FWIC badges

    This group of badges is a memento of Isla Shilton's extensive involvement in the Women’s Agricultural Bureau and with the Associated Country Women of the World.

    Collection Item | 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s

  27. Wool classing stencil

    This is the wool classing stencil for Stephanie Evans at Mercunda.

    Collection Item